My way of life

My way of life

 (Carl Sigman - Alfred Weyrich  /  Herbert Rehbein - Bert Kaempfert)

Editions : Doma Edition, représenté en France par Warner Chappell.



Gotta have you near all the time

With your dreams wrapped up in mine.

Gotta be a part of your soul and your heart all the time.

Nothing in the world that I do means a thing without you.

I'm just half alive in my struggle to survive without you.


You are my way of life, the only way I know, you are my way of life.

I'll never let you go

Never let you out of my sight, be it day, be it night,

You belong to me, that's the way it will, be wrong or right,

I don't need crowds at my door, the applause from the floor,

All I need is you and the love we once knew, nothing more.


You are my way of life, the only way I know, make me your way of life.

I'll never let you go

BecauseI love you so



Arrangements - enregistrements : Nicolas Neidhardt. studio Aktion Entertainment

Réalisation : Nicolas Neidhardt pour Aktion Entertainment  - Gérard Darmon  - Philippe Abitbol pour Sacre Productions.

Programmations : Nicolas Neidhardt

Sample batterie : Manu Katche. Avec son aimable autorisation

Prise de son batterie Manu Katche : Didier Lozaïc. Digital Factory

Arrangements Chœurs : Jean - Marie Marrier

Choriste : Jean - Marie Marrier

Mix : Nicolas Neidhardt - Gérard Darmon - Philippe Abitbol au studio Aktion

Mastering : Dyam. Raphaël

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